Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to play if you have been Raised as an ally by your friendly neighbourhood Death knight


No need to panic, you failed.

You didn’t move out of the fire, you failed to look at your aggro-meter, you are now dead, and the boss your guild is fighting is not… Yet.

So you have let your fellow-raiders down, and the battleresses have been saved for tanks and healers. What should you do?
  1. Log out?
  2. Get coffee and bio?
  3. Sit like an idiot and yell at your healers for not covering for your mistakes?
  4. None of the above
The ansvare of course is, none of the above. You should /poke your friendly neighbourhood Death Knight for a “raise ally” 5 minutes of fun, and a very decent chunk of dps.

How does it work? 
Raise ally, is a spell unique to Death Knights. It allows the Death Knight to raise a party/raidemember as a mindfull ghoul capable of doing a lot of damage, both to single targets and to multiple targets (at least, once).
It works like a battleres, except it is instant-cast, and it lasts for 5 minutes, and you will not retain your old abilities.
In the very old days of Wrath of the Lich king, this spell shared cooldown with the Death Knights ability to raise dead. It does not any longer. So there are no more excuses for not using it. It is one global cooldown, and it gives upwards to 1500 dps for up to 5 minutes. But only if used correctly.

What to do when you are Raised.

If you play a paladin on an RP realm, right about now, seems to be a good time to whine and moan, but for everyone else: be happy, you get to contribute to your guild, and stop being dead weight!!

First thing that will happen when you are raised is this:
Your UI will change, technically being raised as a ghoul counts as jumping into a vehicle (think first boss in Ulduar, flame leviathan). This vehicle may seem strange new, and confusing. It is not.
If you play a rogue, doing dps will be insanely easy. If you have defeated Malygos while doing dps, this will seem like a breeze, and if you have done “aces high” (the daily) this will be very familiar.

Basically you will get 6 abilities. And 4 of them are not important in order to do single target dps. The abilites are as follows:
  1. Claw 
  2. Thrash
  3. Chew (or something)
  4. leap 
  5. Huddle
  6. Blowyourselfup, or corpse-explosion

Claw is a standard damage dealer, it also adds 1 frenzy point.

Thrash is a standard damage releaser, the more frenzy points you have, the more damage you do

Chew, starts attacking and stuns enemies for up to 3 seconds (this is for pvp)

Leap lets you jump like a feral Durid onto the targeted enemy and start beating on them

Huddle makes you take cover, and take less damage

Corpse-explo, blows yourself up, while doing lots of aoe damage.

This is the short short version of what you do:
Target whoever you want deadded, then hit 4 (leap), then hit 1 (claw), then let energy build up, then hit 1, then hit 1 then hit 2 (thrash) then hit 1, then hit 1, then hit 1, then hit 2… Want me to continue? Build up 3 Frenzy points, release them, build up 3 frenzy points again, then release them. Just like on Malygos drakes (I know a lot of people do 112 instead of 1112, but you do not need to save up energy to protect yourself here, and you do not need to build up a dot like on malygos).

When the boss is almost dead, you might want to switch it up to 121212 and if you are about to win, or getting swarmed by adds, then blow yourself up. Mostly because its fun!!

Remember to use huddle, when bosses do aoe damage. You might have a lot of health, but chances are you will not be very high on the healers priority list.

Thats it.
Here are some unproven untested tips:
if you are wearing a higher dps weapon, this will affect your dps output. So start with raising other melee’s before casters.

Use leap, it fun and fast.

Do not use Chew (or whatever its called) its a pvp ability, and won’t do all that much to anyone in a real fight. Unless you are leaping to adds what are killing your healers. Then you use it!

DK’s get a macro made that announces that you are raising someone, and whom. There are lots of people who stop playing or paying attention to the game after they get themselves killed.

Enjoy, it’s fun being the Death Knights ghoul. 

When you are a ghoul
4,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2 ect ect


  1. Oh, this is exactly what I needed. Brilliant. Big thanks! I especially love that you give the abilities numbers!

  2. My pleasure, now I can safely say that I've contributed to do something good in WoW, and not just whine and moan and being old and grumpy!

  3. *giggles*
    I loved the tl,dr.. I am going to add it to my post-it notes around my monitor :D

  4. ^^ Glad I could help.

    Tell your friends I am a friendly neighborhood Death Knight, and not at all a grumpy old ranting gamer dorf!

  5. It's fun being a DK's dead bitch? You have strange tastes my friend.

    But the guide is awesome :)

  6. You got it all wrong: Its good to be a DK with beatches!!! I mean... ehm, try letting a dk ghoul you. Once you go ghoul, you'll be filled with jul (time)...

    gah Im horrible at these.