Friday, December 10, 2010

It's all about the elements baby!

I am going to get into my feelings about Cataclysm as a whole very soon (tm), suffice to say that the first draft was titled: "Meh".

That is not what this Friday evening post is about. It is about me "getting it". Hopefully I am not the last person on the face of Azeroth to get this, but the theme of the expansion is very much

The four elements
So far so good. In The shattering (the book), the elements play a very large role too. Especially how the 4 elements (water, earth, air and Fiiiire) play with each other.
(soon (tm) i'll get into the two books Shattering and Stormrage)

So anyways. today i found out that there is even MORE about the elements in the expansion!!

in this Alchamy post , Lylirra explains to us that:
We've recently seen a few questions regarding the functionality of Transmute: Living Elements and whether or not its effects are truly random. There's definitely some behind-the-scenes magic to this particular transmute, so we wanted to provide a bit more explanation on how it works.

Typically, when you use Transmute: Living Elements, you will receive 14-16 random Volatile elements (Volatile Air, Volatile Earth, Volatile Water, or Volatile Fire) in exchange for 15 Volatile Life. If you use this transmute while in one of the new Cataclysm zones associated with the Elemental Planes, however, the element into which your Volatile Life will transform will be predetermined. For example, if you use Transmute: Living Elements while in Uldum, you will always receive Volatile Air for your efforts.

Here's a list of the affected zones and their corresponding Volatile elements:

Additionally, alchemists with Transmutation specialization will always receive bonus Volatile elements when completing this transmute. The bonus will be random, though, regardless of which zone you are in.
TLDR: Each zone in cataclysms 4 new zones have an elemental Theme.
MH: is FIRE (they are burning the world tree)
Vashj'ir: is water (I know, I am as shocked as you are)
Deepholm: is earth (again a "well Duh" moment)
And Uldum is Air: (by now I was thinking "why didn't I see this sooner???)

So there you have it. They seem to have actually put some thought into the zones, beside the imidiate story that goes on there. I for one, did not see it coming.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Conflicting emotions

So this is almost the conversation I had with my boss boss this morning.
This play has 3 people in it, me, my boss' boss and my brain. We will call my bosses boss Tom.

Tom: So Dwism (yep that is like totally what they all call me at work), we are having a kind of important meeting next Wedensday evening. It is about our future budget and some pretty important people will be there, can I count on you to be there and make input on the Y and Z cases?
Brain: NOOOO YOU TWAT, we already have a 10 hour day, filled with screaming kids and boring work, please just say no and go the fekk home.
Dwism: Oh sure, totally. I'll be there.
Brain: MORON
Tom: Good, super listen I want to talk to you about....
Brain: You do realise that this Wedensday will be the 8th right? The day after release of Cataclysm.
Dwism: [twitches]
Tom: Are you okay?
Dwism: Totally, I'm great. Go on
Tom: blah with work blah*
Brain: Say you got something important. Your aunt will die and need to be buried, or you are planning to get snowed in. ANYTHING. You have looked forward to this day for a frikking year, and now you will be at work not playing. AND you have an early morning so no late night gaming either. loser.
Tom: blah blah
Dwism: mmmh totally.
Brain: Your guild will kick you, you won't be their go-to-death-tank anymore
DWism: [Blurts]Oh like I was that in the first place, Sol totally has that spot, he's brilliant, and can make the times plus I only did 10 manned in wrath
Tom: what who?
Dwism: eh what?

/end scene
So yea, Cata will be. Just. Great. Great. Great great great great.

*note: it wasn't boring, it was just work stuff


In other news, Thanks to Consider (see my blog list) I have found the perfect leveling specc

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Allright children, step aside, time for the big boys and girls to have some fun

When they said that "the Shattering" was an early Christmas present to WoW fans, what they really meant was:

It is *just* like frikking Christmas, meaning that we start of bored out of our skulls looking on as the little ones get to unwrap their presents first, whereas we big boys/girls, get to sit on our hands waiting for our turn.

Well the little kids have had their fun already. Now give us end gamers our expansion, dammit!

Last night, I logged on to level my hunters new pets to 80, and got to get a good look at our guild list. It was a decent night, considering the time of year, there where quite a few people on.
None of them where in Northrend. They where all out getting their "Un'Goro Crater completed" achieves. It is sort of what Spinks talked about, the new zones aren't really *meant* for us (the max level toons). And do not get me started on the complete and utter laziness and dickishness that is the "yea well Outland won't change, screw you who cares about story or immersion, because the money are with gamers, that never make it past level 30, so we are pandering to them" - attitude that Blizzard has shown.

Seriously. You get 60 levels of re-molded content, that is up to lore, then 20 levels of "back in my day" boring grind, in order to get to the last 5 levels of new stuff? Blizzard, did you really think nobody would notice?

If it is a "design choice", then give us the "design choice" to skip dead content. At 60 let me skip to 80.

Back to the point
It's weird because I really never get sidetracked... Anyways:

The Shattering feels like an old Christmas song, that (extremely loosely translated) says that "You should let Sine get to open her present [ahead of time]". It is a sort of silent truce between parents and small whiny children:
You get to open your present ahead of everyone else, now STFU
Oh and to all you non-civilized readers (US and UK, this one goes out to you especially) Every normal society opens their presents on the eve of the 24th after
a) a big ol' meal and then
b) 2 hours running around a big decorated tree singing songs only half the people remember... and they only know half the words.

 Just like the pegans who invented Christmas intended it to.

Right, so the whiny little children get to have one present opened ahead of everyone else, while we get to sit and wait.
Just like in game. Here you will see an very very VERY old mage, running around in the level 20 zones completing lowbi quests and keep repeating to himself "I am having fun, I am having fun", while he patiently waits for his turn at the presents.

Only a week to go now, before the rest of Azeroth get their turn at opening presents. And I cannot wait.

Merry Shattering, and to all a happy Cataclysm.

Friday, November 26, 2010

How this expansion makes WoW feel to me

This was sooo much not stolen from anywhere else... I swear.

But this picture really did hit home for me, for two reasons:
1) I am very much a kid of the Calvin and Hobbs generation (this was the last official one he ever drew)
2) It really nails the feeling I have in WoW atm

Friday, November 19, 2010

Intermission: Fortune-telling time

 So having a wee bit of writers block, following my "way too big a mouthfull" posts series about the look back at WoW before Cataclysm. I thought we could all use a little bit of a time-out.

So I had a little go at the brand new Fortune telling site that Blizz has released.

And it is heaps of fun. There are mentions of Double-rainbows, And diablo (see below)

You are put through a little quest consisting of 10 questions, where your answers determine your class. The questions range from sincere to.. well silly (whoa double rainbow, what does this mean?).

But in the end, the result is hauntingly close to something I mentioned earlier 

After that experience I decided to try my luck with some a fortune teller. The results... hauntingly scary. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

One month till Cataclysm, time to look back at Wrath. Part 1

Back in the day, if you wanted to raid, you better be in a guild. And not just any guild would do. You needed to be in a big one.
Raids where big. Big to organize. Big to get to, big to do.

First off, you needed 39 other people. You needed 4 of them to be warriors (sometimes more, sometimes only 1). When the warriors where not tanking, they would be replaced for dps or healer (dps= mage or rogue and healer= priest). Classes where very well balanced: You had warriors to tank, Priests to heal and mages or rogues to dps. Then you had the other classes to fill up the rest of the spots and/or provide buffs.

My very first raiding guild raided on the premise that, if a person had waited outside of the instance, he would be in raid. So everyone showed up 2 hours before raid start. Or rather, everyone except the officers, and the MT.
Then we would sit outside of Molten core (don't you dare go on alts!!!) and talk or wait.
Needless to say, that when I switched guilds, I was delighted to see that they had signups.

How the raids where
Before i go on, I feel it is important to say, that most of these experiences in vanilla, are mine. This was how I experienced WoW at it's humble beginnings. Other players experiences may have varied. But take a look at this fantastic post by a fellow hellscream-eu blogger.
I knew the tank he talks about. Or rather... I once raided with him. I might even have healed in that ZG raid he talks about.
It sure sounds like the raid I raided with him.

My point with linking to said post, is to describe how lost everyone was. But as a positive.

Everyone was lost.

Addons where far from a given. Youtube videos guides neither. This was how a typical guide looked back then. ms/paint (or similar) where key!
Everything was brand new. Everyone where brand new. There where no cool-raiders (except for DnT and Nihilum, but they where on different servers, and one didn't just switch server!). There where no jaded bored or burnt out raiders (at least not near me).
I think it's hard to explain or understand now, given the climate we play in these days. Today, everything is "too easy" "held back for too long" "OMG NREF It".

Back in the Molten Core days, in the aq40 days. Back then, you could wait 4-5 months for a "class review".

Oh you don't know what a class review is? It is the patch where the developers look at one class, and try and get it adjusted with the others.
"Don't complain about that ability being over/under powered, wait untill that class is ready for review"
- the Blue posts would say. That was how balance where preserved. And the players took it. And kept playing.
When a class review came it was either like christmans, or the end of the world. Because if the class review did not solve everything, you knew there where all the other classes to go through *first* before your time was up again.
'How does all this ranting relate to raiding?' You might wonder. Well, it sets the theme. You waited. A frikking lot.
Imagine going to a boss with 39 other people. Then wipe. Then wait for everyone to get back (that would usually take 10 minutes, if you where at your keyboard AND where fast to get back. Then...

Well picture this: You and 39 friends go to a restaurant. Then you wait for the waiter. Then someone with long pointy ears is out to the bathroom. Then that pink-haired short woman if having a smoke. Then you need to get everyone buffed. Then someone starts talking trash, then another yells a joke. Then the Raidleader says: "wait the leader of the healing channel is telling me, that there is an uncertainty with the healing strategy (what is so hard about "heal the people who take damage"). Then you get to order your starters. Then the tank pulls.

Getting to a figh took forever. Getting over a wipe took a long time. Figuring out who got what loot... Oh boy.
If I got one item, on new content, once a month, I was happy.

Maybe now you are getting an idea of just how much things improved.

But a lot was lost too.

Losing your innocence

Of the 5 most scary things I have ever done in WoW, one of them does not seem all that frightning, yet it just may have been the most frightening thing for me to do:
That was the very first time I zoned into Molten core.
First off there was the fright of being in a raid. Suddenly 39 other peoples lives depended squarly on me. I did not know it at that time, but raids are sort of different from dungeons. Being the healer in a dungeon, that may have been true, but being a healer in a raid it was certainly not solely up to me. But it all added up to the fright.
Then there where the two first mobs you could see as you entered, the two massive 'Molten Giant's

They may or may not seem impressive by todays standards. But i recently went back into MC to get the achievement, and they still scared the crap out of me.
Everything was bigger, badder, harder and much more scary back then. Simply because it we had not been doing this for 6 years.
Just like in a sequel to any great (or even half decent) horror movie, simply does not get you going the same way, raids will sooner or later become routine.

Or to put it in a more... direct way
Show me a beautiful woman, I'll show you a man who's tired of fucking her
I have talked a lot about chasing the dragon. About trying to get back to that first WoW-high. My first WoW-high was in Vanilla, and - sadly - I'll never get back to that. Some people cannot get past this fact. They refuse to accept it, they go and yell at anyone who tells them that either 'You'll never get it back', or 'It really wasn't that great'. The game *did* improve massively when that first expansion hit the shelves, some improvements where to my liking, some where not. Games evolve, either you evolve with them, or you find something better to do with you time. How this is a controversial statement, is beyond my understanding. But as my last post proved, a lot of things are beyond what I can understand.

Let's get back on track

Themes and plots and story. Oh my. 

This is a big one for me, personally this part of the game is almost what matters as much to me as the actual quality of gameplay. I have played through some absolutly horrible games, because I wanted to see the story through to the end.
Back in vanilla, story was not so important. At least not the grand story arch, because there where a *lot* of story and quests and themes everywhere. It was just not a whole lot of it, that had anything to do with anything else.
Lets look at the major dungeons in the game, as an example:
Molten core, Blackwing layer, Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas.
Molten Core was the remnants of an old Dwarf war
Blackwing was Deathwings sons attempt at world domination (starting with killing the last boss in Molten core, so there is *some* connection)
AQ was... an old God who came from out of nowhere, pretty much, and wanted to enslave us all
And Naxxramas was The Lich kings first attempt at turning us all into ghouls.

Mind you, I had to wowpedia all of the above, because - lore enthusiastic as I might be - Raids where more about showing up, killing evil and getting loot.
Some will claim that this has not changed a whole lot. I will beg to differ in the next part of these series.

How questing and how Dungeons where

I can't for the life of me find the blue post that examplifies quests. Here is how I remember it
Quests around level forty, had a lot of going to different parts of the world, because we wanted the player to feel like they where seasoned players. We have since changed this.

Point was: there where a lot of "go here, pick up this, spend 45 minutes traveling to next spot and deliver" -types of quests. The world sure did seem like an awful big place.
It was also why the most common questions I ever read on forums back then was: "what is the best grinding spot for my level" and "can you recommend a great leveling guide". I am not to proud to admit that most of my alts took great pleasure in James leveling guide (I've learned something, never link to anyone.. So I will assume that most of you are aware of what James leveling guides where/are).

Dungeons where 2 hours of having at least 1 person in your group standing in IF and trying to get a warrior (or if I was not on my priest, standing for 4 hours looking for a warrior and a priest), then everyone traveling to that dungeon. Then have the mage dc or having to go to dinner, and leave, and then one of of your party memebers had to return and scream: "we have warrior and priest!!!" followed by 50 people spamming for invites... Good times.
But it also meant that people hardly ever dropped group. This was back when a good group could take hours completing a dungeon, and bad ones... well...
Story time: I remember playing in Strat (full clear!) with 3 people I had never met, and one guy I had played with a couple of dungeons before. Well back then I lived in a neighbourghood that had an awfull reputation (concrete hell, it was known as). It wasn't all that bad, but it did have this rep. Well I was playing with these people, when my phone rang. It was mrs Dwism, who was on her way home, (this was at night) and her phone was almost out of batteries and there where some creepy people on the bus with her. She wanted to know if I could go to the stop and pick her up. There where 3 stops that where equally close to our appartment, so I asked her, "which stop?" and then the line went dead.
I paniced, wrote something like: Gf had creepy people on bus with her, her phone is dead, brb.

And then I ran. 10 minutes later I had found her, with absolutly nothing to worry about. The creepy people didn't even notice her, when she got off, and the only thing bothering her, was that she could her some "girl in the distance screaming my name".... I blushed, and was very happy that it was dark. when I got back to the flat, the 4 other guys where still in the instance. waiting for me, wondering if everything had turned out allright.

Can you imagine this happening in a PuG today? The only reason they would stay would be for the mystery. I have waited in PuGs in vanilla when someone said "brb" and was gone for 20 minutes. Or a DC for 10.
But you did only do 1 maybe two dungeons a day, so on the good/bad scale I guess those two evens out.

The other thing about dungeons taking this long, was that you got to know people in them. This could be as big a blessing as a curse though. If you ended up with a 12 year old lolllersc8er, your evening was ruined. But Finch and Onxy got married a couple of years back, and we where at their wedding. They where a couple I meet through wow, and even though they do not play any more, we still talk a lot.
In the summer of 2009 the four of us even made it to Belgium (onxy, finch, me and MRs dwism), to visit Ratang, who we all used to play a lot with, but had never met.
So long lasting friendships, made through wow, not something I think an old grumpy Dwarf like me, will ever find again.
So emotionally nothing will ever compete with what the kids call 'Vanilla'. But gamewise... Well next part of this, will look at how The Burning Crusade panned out. (hopefully with a shorter interval than this one had)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One month till Cataclysm, time to look back at Wrath PRELUDE

With one month left to go until life as we know it (in WoW, calm down), changes forever, I thought this was a good time to look back at wrath as an expansion.
What went right, what went wrong, and why I think that Totalbiscuit is a sad man, who is only concerned about WoW, because it has a big audience, and not because he actually *cares* about the game (let alone plays it).
Luckily for me, he sees people like me complaining about him, as more traffic and more dough. Good for him.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

In order to understand why I think that Wrath was the best WoW has ever been, you need to know about me as a player. Unlike Totalbiscuit, I am a raider. In a guild.

I say unlike him, because even though he talks a lot about how raiding is great and being in a guild is even better. The guy has not raided.
Again, I am getting a little ahead of myself, but let me finish this train of thought, so we can get to the core of this: Looking at Wrath in review.
When you judge Wrath of the Lich King, as being a weak expansion with little to no great raiding content, one would assume that you have cleared said content. He has not. In fact he has hardly done anything in any of the 4 major instances. So when someone like him, claims that Wrath was a lowpoint for wow, you have to take it with a grain of salt.
Because all he knows about the raid instances, is what the QQ on the forum have told him. It is kind of sad, to have your bread and butter be a game, you do not like to play all that much, and your one standout comment be that raiding is great and being in a guild is a good idea... When you are not in a guild, nor are raiding.

My point is, watch his vids for instance-beta-runs, they are fun. Do not listen to the drivel he talks about when concerning raiding. The guy does not raid. He does not know how raiding in Wrath works, because he has not raided there.
Yes I am attacking one guy, but he stands - to me- as the core problem with WoW at the moment:

People who do not know what the Fekk they are talking about, moan about stuff to make themselves popular

Just like the Greedy Goblin does not believe that any human beings are M&S, he is just doing it to stroke his ego by getting large numbers of readers. Some people need that in their life, but you should not worry about them.

Right, ranty dorf stuff out of the way, let us use this prelude well, with a schedule of what I wanted to get to.

First part: 'Judging your present, means you should know your past.' Where I go on and on about how raiding used to be. Starting with vanilla, and -depending on how long i rant- will also cover The Burning Crusade.

Second part: ' Evolving, how quests, dungeons, and raids have improved vastly'  But also how two steps forward might also mean taking 1 step backward.

Third part: 'How raiding and questing and leveling in Wrath is the best it has ever been' Get your facts straight, there have not been an expansion where the raiding, dungeons and leveling have not been better. The only thing wrong, was Blizzards super slow pace at releasing it. (and misjudging the use/difficulty of dungeons).

I guess that regular readers will know pretty much everyrthing I am going to say in the next 3 parts (and it might not become 3 posts, but only two), but this is stuff I really want to say, so... It will be said :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

We got a good look at the people behind Blizzard, they are like me

At every panel at this years Blizzcon, we saw the people behind Blizzard.

We saw the story-makers, the game-designers, the content-designers, we saw Metzen, Ghostcrawler. We did not see, the numberchruncing fans, we did not see the roleplaying forum fans panel, we did not see a lot of cool things that spinks mentions.

We did see the now (almost infamous) Q&A that Larisa boggles over. Okay some of us saw it, others read transcripts and read their own personal agenda into it.
Whatever you think of their response to this (and mine is in the comments on both posts), there is one thing painfully obvious for me, about these panel talks.

Every single employee with anything worth saying at Blizzard, is: 35+, white, a little overweight (some more than a little), balding and likes metal. And they only ever talk to other people like that.

I am reminded of two things:
This amazing article that really struck a chord with me. It is a bit old, but it is well worth the read:
What if the Character is black? By Brenda Brathwaite.

It is an amazing pieces, that two years later still sticks with me.
And this tl:dr piece from Dark Legacy Comics, it is aptly named "whitecraft"

Before any minds are blown: I am a white, late 20's male, I might be slightly overweight too. I love roleplaying (the real version, at a table with dice), and I almost wept, when I saaw the "GEEK" speech from Metzen.
(you know the part, the Star Wars part, showing the movies to your kids and hoping that those movies will influence their imagination, as much as it did yours...still gets goosebumps, and I don't have kids)

So Shouldn't I be happy? Blizzard is a company filled with... me.
So the games they make, should be perfectly suited for... me.
They should know precisely what I want. Because it is what they want.

But what I do know, is that a company filled with people like me, will only *at best* make a game filled with what I think I want out of a game. At best.
They will not -however- ever be able to make games filled with all the stuff I never knew I wanted in a game. Never.

So here is me hoping that they will soon get some much needed diversity in their departments. Hopefully that will shine through on their music choices too. Because no matter how much I like Offspring and Ozzy, and how much I love 'the D', it is all a little too much the same for my liking.

Edit to add, that I have missed at least one person with some weight at Blizzard, who is not like me. (at least not on appreances.) Shahram Dabiri. He is now lead producer on the secret mmo (well not so secret if you watched blizzcon LARISA!!!!!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How wrong was i? (Blizzcon)

I was very very very wrong. On just about everything.

I will have to agree with Tobold that Blizzcon announces absolutely nothing.

How well does that go (so far) with my predictions?
Bare in mind that Chris Metzen said that all the big announcements where made in the opening speech, so there won't (almost certainly) be any real announcements left.

Here is what they announced:
- Cataclysm will be pre-downloadable, so that you can play at midnight on launch

- The last class for Diablo 3 will be the (boooooooring loking) Demon hunter

- Diabloe 3 will have a (horrible looking) pvp arena system.


Here is what I predicted:

- The new unannounced mmo will get a teaser.

- Last Class from Diablo III will be revealed (holy warrior, holy warrior, holy warrior)

- Release date of Diablo III will be revealed

- Next expansion for scII will be revealed. And no, I am not talking about'heart of the swarm', I mean the first expansion for scII 'Wings of Liberty'

So basically I got 1 right. And that was my safe bet.
So what was there of goodies at the Blizzcons first day?
Not much. An interesting talk about dungeon design for wow. Only, they said pretty much the same thing they did 2 years ago, so that was a let down.
Then there where some tournaments, and im sorry but the two women commentating Warcraft 3, where complete and utter IDIOTS.
Even me, who have not played Wc3 since it was a new game, could tell they where wrong:
He looks uncertain, like he does not know where his opponent is, oh no he is splitting up his army. BIG MISTAKE, he is going to loose this game, and he was on top
Really? To me it looks like he is boxing the other guy in, but i guess you two know what you are talking abo...
Oh he got lucky there finding the other army, and there is no escape, he has won it. That was so lucky, he made a bad call and just got so lucky
...And they went on and on with this drivel. At one time they even questioned why this Korean kid did not "gg" (give up: "good game") as they called it, despite the fact that he controlled the entire map. Le grand frikking sigh.
So I turned to look at some WoW arena

And they seem to have lagged out
Then I went to bed.
Hopefully things will pick up today... You know what? Honestly LAGGING OUT. How is that possible at a tournament? Set up by Blizz themselves? Seriously, that is some amateur s*** going on there. It reminds me of when Steve Jobs gave a presentation of some phone and could not get a signal

You'd think they would have tested stuff like that.

Anyway. Heres hoping they will improve the quality of -everything- tonight, and that re-watching these things when I am not tired, will somehow give me a brighter outlook on the quality and information-value of everything.

But as a PS i'll add this, that the "geek", speech from Metzen, got this old grumpy Dworf, right in the soft spot.
I am a romantic at heart, and when he showed the Star wars logo and said, that "geek is: Watching your daughter see Star Wars for the first time, hoping these films will influence her imagination, as much as it did yours" I chocked up a bit. I did.
I think that that bit alone, was worth the entry fee i payed. Even if that part was aired for free for everyone to watch.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blizzcon, fekk it... It's just money

Yes. I am still a fan.
How do I know?
I just bought web-live-feed-thingie for Blizzcon.
Bare in mind that this is an event that (for me) will start at 8pm and end at 5 in the morning. If I where to watch it live.
That is a stupid stupid thing to spend money on.
Really stupid. And everything will be posted on mmo-champion.

So why am I doing it? I'd love to play it cool and say: "Its the pet" "Its Tenacious D" (well... okay it is ALSO that).
But the truth is, that once upon a time I was at wow-invitational (have I mentioned this like a trillion times before? Good, thats my point) and I had an absolute BLAST.

Mrs Dwism, however, did not. She joined a group of 15-20 other non-gaming girlfriends of gamers, and sat down at the main stage when there where nothing on, and read her book. There where a lot of women doing that.... And they say that love makes *men* do stupid things. These women went to Paris.

Frikking PARIS

To read a book at a noisy convention center, while their chosen ones ran around going "omgfggfgfgggdbsdfwef" and other stuff. In Paris.
Argh, I'm getting sidetracked. My point was, that on the last day there was a talk about dungeon design. I was so sucked into this talk, that I forgot about time, and had to be pulled away by the aformentioned Mrs. Dwism - so we would not miss our flight home.
It was so interesting, hearing the thought that is layed into every single detail about a fight. 'Does the boss abilities match the theme of the dungeon and his looks?', 'does these abilities sync well with eachother?' 'does all of these abilities combined present an interesting fight for the 4 types of raiders? (melee, ranged, tonk and healz) ect ect ect.
Now I get to relieve that event all those years ago, and I get to be able to press pause and listen to it all the way through in my own time.

I think I made a good decision.

REMEMBER: Cast your votes on what stuff will be revealed at blizzcon. It is not too late to be able to say "I told you all so"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blizzard returning us to more privacy?

I got a mail the other day from Blizzard. They practically begged my forgiveness for the screw-up on Real-ID

"We have changed"
Blizzard claimed.
"We won't ever hurt you again, it was a mistake"
And like bruised women and men in abusive relationships all over the world. I knew better. But I still love Blizzard, and I know that *I* can make them change. If I just don't complain when they want to invite all my facebook friends over. They won't hurt me again. If I just don't screw up.

As a token of their good will, Blizz has effectively shut down Armory. And inspection. I can't see what the 2handed warrior-tank is specced. All I can see is that he is taking loads of damage. I can no longer see if that hunter who looks to be wearing pvp gear, is gemmed for int still. All I can tell is that they suck.
We are back to vanilla.
"Are you happy now?"
Blizzard asks me.
"Isn't this what you wanted? No more inspections, no more armory checks. You can turn off every part of real-id. I told you I changed."

... I kindda hope armory gets working again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting back into the thick of things, and so should you!

So this is more of an "where I am at in the game right at this moment", than a post meant to inspire or ask questions.
Besides Larisa once said that bloggers are not allowed to ask questions... Or something like that.

So I have returned from my glorious vacation to the US, I've re-activated my WoW-account, I've begun running, and well... Just being happy.
I love fall. There is a reason I got married in the fall. Trees are dieing ehhh turning into pretty colours. The air is sharp and it feels great to breathe (well... It does) the crisp fall air.
But you know what feels even better? Closing the door to your dark room where the only light you have is from a desk lamp, and your pc. And just gaming. And reading about games that are coming. Fall is perfect for that. The weather is perfect for sitting in doors (summer is perfect for sitting inside a movie theater, but thats another talk), and because some people like to worship that it's turning into summer again by cutting down trees and giving gifts, there are a lot of games to look forward to.

This fall, however, I am playing pre-cata and loving it. Just like the outside world Azeroth feels like it's turning into pretty colours.. ehm Dieing (dying? what's the difference? Is it a US/UK thing?..ehm I'm getting sidetracked here).
Its about to perish. To cease. And everyone is grasping at straws, and everyone is struggling to stay alive, relevant and to enjoy every last pixel. It is marvelous.

Just like many a movie mass murder has stated, people are at their most pure, beautiful and truest, when they are close to death. And it is true for gamers.
The best time you ever had in any game as a kid, where when your mom was about to pull the plug on your Snes because you where late for granny's birthday, or when your dad is taking out the batteries of your Gameboy (not advance, just gameboy... guess my age!) because it is *way* over your bed time.
Those where the best parts of the best games. The "Just five more minutes Blizzard" - type of games.

Just five more minutes Blizzard

Here we stand. At the dusk of Wrath, the greatest expansion Blizzard ever created (I've got a post setup to explain just why this is), and we just got the new tools and toys of cataclysm.
Everything is old worn and comfortable. But yet new and exciting. I will make this as clear as I can. This is coming from a player that has played and survived every single expansion so far, and is still loving the game (oh hello there TotalBiscuit, calling yourself a raider while not doing any raids? Fancy meting you here in the "hating the game, not the money -section [I got a post on that coming up soon too])
Where was I?
Oh right.

Take it from me, this is the very very best time to be playing WoW.

Not tomorrow, not after Cataclysm. NOW.
There is fancy new toys to play with. They are funterrific. There is Masteries, there is new resource systems, there is reforging. It is all shiny and new. And everyone is just as confused as you are, trying to figure em out. Nobody knows anything about anything. Or rather, none of them, know any more than you.
Sure you will meet the pitchfork crowd, every know and again, like Tamarind did. But most runs will these days consist of tanks activating their dualspecc-blood at the entrance begging for forgiveness if their threat is weak. Or old alts dusted of to test the waters, to see if this or that class will be their future main.

It is fun times indeed. Almost all raids are the same. Sure your raid-leader might get pissed at you for claiming that Bone shield is overpriced and useless in any sort of practical way, or when you show up to raid as the third healer (10 manned) with two disc speccs to "test out smite versus non-smite builds" (fyi: smite is incredible, sorry Tam, Discs w/o smite are doing it wrong). But overall everyone is relaxed and forgiving. There is no real hunt for gear in order to get ready for the next dungeon, because there isn't one. Yet everyone is excited about raids still because their classes are all shiny and new. (except rogues, which I have on good authority "suck complete arse now, I lost 2k dps" Then again, who ever gave a damn about rogues?).

So get back into the game. enjoy all your alts that work in mysterious new ways. And pray that in a month or so, glyphs will be affordable once again.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whats to hate about Night elfs? (also there seem to be a new patch)

To sum up how everyone has reacted to the new patch:
My mana is bugged, I've contacted GM support, but no answer (in trade chat of course)


Patch takes time to download 
Addons do not seem to work 
Whoa, I have sooooo many classes, and I cannot get all them working right yet, this is going to take a long time. Because I have so many classes, and they are all dual-specced.
I have a tree-healer and I never realised that it was really a Night elf


Patch takes time to download
Addons do not seem to work
Whoa, I have sooooo many classes, and I cannot get all them working right yet, this is going to take a long time. Because I have so many classes, and they are all dual-specced.

I do have a tree healer And you know what, I did know it was an elf. And I also remember when they implemented that stupid tree form. That was horrible. Thank God I can actually see my frikking toon now! Why is it that the most daft model in the history of everything in WoW, is being mourned when removed???

What is wrong with you? What makes the below seem like a brave soldier of the horde/alliance? Fighting the good fight, protecting the weak, killing the Lich king. You rolled an Elf/Tauren. Play as one. And if you rolled after this model was implemented, I am sure that Totalbiscuit has some choice words to you.
And if you rolled a druid in order to play as a tree form. You are most likely some sick sick freak. I can see you know. Leather suit, gag-ball and posting on the official forums, begging for gnome druids so your main can continue to be a gnome. Oh yes.


....Whats with the hate of Elfs?

They are cool. They are awsome. They are shadowy fighters. They are this

OH yea... 

And do you want to know where this pic is from? DOTA 2!

DoTA 2 is in the making. And it's valve behind it.

Valve. DoTA. Valve.

How can you not be happy? Plus tree form is gone! And all classes are yummie new, and glorious and fun and its friday. The only thing is that my addons are still screwy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What we will learn at Blizzcon 2010

Let's do a thing.
Let's stick our necks out. Let's try and guess what the reveals will be at Blizzcon 2010

I'll go first!

- The new unannounced mmo will get a teaser.

- Last Class from Diablo III will be revealed (holy warrior, holy warrior, holy warrior)

- Release date of Diablo III will be revealed

(that isn't really a calendar, its a release *year*)

Erhm back on track.

- Next expansion for scII will be revealed. And no, I am not talking about 'heart of the swarm', I mean the first expansion for scII 'Wings of Liberty'

What else? hmm there needs to be a reveal for WoW... Well I guess that one is open to everyone else. Make your own lists, it is always fun to make these (or announce that Boub is a moron and doesn't know the release date...hrrrmmm) guesses and see how many you get right.

Maybe for wow the first raid dungeon? We all know that the release trailer-cinematic for Cata will be shown on Saturday morning, so that's no fun guessing at.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Almost sort of Cataclysm theme blog changes

Title says it all doesn't it?

I've gotten out my brush and half-rotten buckets of paint and done myself some remodelling.

I am most proud of my count-down counter, that I got from a site called guildzilla.

Also they have a signatur maker that adds important stats! Like how many times you have /roll need on items, or how many hugs you have given out.
How cool is that?
Screw my resillience or my block rating. This *is* the stuff that matters!


Warcraft Guild Websites

Monday, October 4, 2010

Release is dec 7th, I am not saying I was wrong, but I was not totally right either ;)

Guess the good frenchmen got it right in his second try.
I will however stand by my last post critizing him for being a (semi unwilling) puppet of the publicity machine. I guess it is not so bad since mmo-champion is still the very best place for the latest news, so i guess I will have to get of my high horse and just go "WOOOO - We are getting Cataclysm this year"

... But in the back of my head I cannot help but wonder what they have in store for when Star wars the Old Republic is released :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How tanking looks to pan put in Cataclysm

Tanking in Cataclysm seems to be (hopefully) very different than it has been so far.

There seems to be one huge change in the way tanks work, that is being implemented. Well actually two: The first one is
Stamina is no longer the sole king of tanking stats, parry and dodge are incredible
Especially for Death Knights, where one of our prime threat moves are Rune Strike, which only activates after a dodge or a parry.
This is great. I've always liked the block/dodge/parry feel of tanking more than the "I have huge health bar, call me Mr. Sponge", so I am thrilled. Let us hope it sticks.

The big big change is how our rotations work. (oh and this is important. I don't care about druids or warriors. I know how paladin tanks work, and I know how Death Knight tanks work. I do not understand or care - or play- any druid or warrior at an endgame level)

The big change is, that at seemingly every bottom press we decide on whether we want to add threat to the mob, or add survivability to ourselves. The hardworking Wake talks about it  and so does Iconoclast (with GC)

Here are some chosen quotes:
Since we're quite resource-bound under the new rune system, most boss pulls I initiated with Dancing Rune Weapon and dished out as much threat I could in order to be able to "slack off" further into the fight and handle adds, self-healing, CD-usage and such much more smoothly. 
I've found the Blood Shield to, in several situations, be hard to get the full effect out of. It requires the tank's involvement to activate, and even if you're a great player and manage to get the full effect out of it

And Paladins

Many players are feeling there is not enough Holy Power. Generally it seems people want more Holy Power so they can use WoG. If you are in a fight that is dealing so much damage that you feel healing yourself is called for, don't forget that Vengeance will be up very very high in that fight and will be helping a lot with threat. Feel free to substitue in some WoG's for SotR, and if you spec'd right you'll have a chance for your WoG to not consume Holy Power at all allowing you to still use that SotR. Outside of those situations, WoG is not intended for situational use. 
What does this mean?
The way I read the above linked posts, the way I see our abilities, and the way these qoutes above (hopefully) examplify, is that we get a choice of adding threat or adding survivability.
Will you use your holy power to selfheal, or add threat? Will you use your rotations to keep your blood shield up, or focus on keeping the mobs sticked to you.

Don't get me wrong, this is fantastically fun, you really get to be much more active and alert, and every fight will keep you engaged. In theory.

I say in theory because if I've learned anything in wow, it is this: tanks keep threat, dps pew, and healers keep people alive.
What I mean by this, is that if we wipe, because I -the tank- die, healers will be blamed. Noone would ever say: "tank why didn't you use more defensive moves?" (or dps why didn't you take less damage and do more damage?), if aggro is lost, the tank will be blamed, even if dps where dicks and the healer was shit, and the tank had to use his rotation to keep himself alive, instead of adding threat.
So my bet would be that all tanks would focus on threat (to keep dps appeased), healers will whine that they haven't gotten enough mana to heal, blizz will buff healers, and we are back to where we are now.

having said that, hopefully smart players won't be sheep, and see that it is now important to have healers conserve mana, so the idea and hopefully the smarter groups (aka guild runs are FTW!) will understand that the runs are aimed for the knife-edge decisions of "survive but risk running out of mana while dps are slowed to stay below threat when tank and healers are doing their best to not die" kontra the "nuuuke hard keep threat and kill and hopefully not die while going all out". That should be fun for an entire group, and encourage working together instead of " I am doing MY part, you do yours" -solo'ish idea that is I see as a trend happening. Something I think that the anonymous lfg runs is encouraging, and something I think will kill the game, in the long run.
If group runs become much more about working together, so that 5 players will be more than the sum of their part. When you work together to achieve something that you could not if you had just been 5 players doing their own part. Hopefully that Goblin thought of "I did my part, you do yours and please do not talk to me in the meantime, because I am too cool to talk to anyone". Hopefully the idea would be "let us be more than the sum of our parts, and generally work together to achieve a greater goal. Let us break the mold of what a dps, tank and healer should do, and let us look at what we can do to get to our goal."
Where tanks can focus on surviability, where healers can be conscious of what type of heals they throw and when, and where dps can do more than just 'press this button that does the most damage' and actually be involved in the group beside conquering the dmg meter.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boubouille is a sucker (and why cata won't come til next year)

So once again the "unofficial release date" has been postponed. And once again my long time wow-hero Boubouille has proven to be a sucker. An easy mark, a part of "them".

His inside source, who originally told him that Cata was set for nov. 2, has now changed his mind.
"Sorry mate" he might have said "its the start of December now".

Soon that will change again.
And again.
Every little trick is being played to make sure we keep the hype going until the actual release. That release is set for:

Within a week of the release of Star Wars: the Old Republic

Thats right. And they will keep prolonging the release of Cata until there is any reason to release it.
Now, there is not. People are still paying their monthly sub, while finishing the game in beta.

We are all idiots. And Boub is our leader.

I was with him, you know, I too promised to join him running naked through Paris, if Worgen and Goblin did not turn out to be the new races. They did, and mah pants stayed on.
Now his inside source has been located, and the powers that be, will continue to feed him (and vicariously the biggest WoW site, mmo-champion) with whatever info they want to part with, to keep us hyped.

His next post: "my inside sources tell me, that everything in Cata will be twice as awsome as every beta tester thinks!"

... And I used to think that he was cool.

I'm back

In more ways than one. My wow-account has been reactivated.
Hopefully i'll get my hunter and paladin geared for the expansion (yes you need to have them geared before you start a new expansion!) But mostly it was to get access to the PTR and -hopefully- beta.

The reports I've read on Death Knights have been disheartening. That is why I want my paladin geared and tested out. Because what has been even more disheartening than the reports on how DKs fare, have been ghostcrawlers responses to these reports. They have both been very very very very VERY few, and usually they could be boiled down to: "you are the newest class, you have no issues, even though we have rebooted you, everything is fine. STFU and L2P, we do not care about bla... about death knights" (my interpretation).

But more on that when I get to try out our new tree and mechanics myself :)

But paladin tanks looks so very very yummie and fun. Both lookwise, mechanic wise and coolness factor.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am going on a hum hum holiday

Technically summer is over, so I couldn't call this a summer holiday.
But it is *my* summer holiday.
I've mentioned before where I am going, so all i'll write here, is that I've found a Miami dolphins (go Phinz) bar in New York, and I'm thrilled.

Don't give away my VIP seat at the inn while I'm gone, and don't break anything too pretty.

See you..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look mah i'm on the interweb!

Lets look at that link again

Screw you hippies, I'm on the interweb.
Here is the action pic for those of you who missed my awsomeness
Here is a hint, if you are STILL missing it: The first external link.

Oh and let me add, I did not make this entry. I was just wondering why I got traffic from Wowwiki

Monday, September 6, 2010

Running screaming in Terror

Title has been riped of the post from Troll racials are OP blogs latest post.
Its about how the world (of warcraft) looked before you dinged max level, and what you remember from it.

And the title is extremely fitting. I remember running around screaming in complete terror. You see, I am the explorer type. If I see that my map ends at that river, then I *have* to cross it. I've even swam (swum??) north around Kalimdor, and ended up in a zone for people 30 levels above what I was at the time. ( I remember an orc cheering for me, while something large chased me... He didn't save me though, but still).

So yea, Running screaming in Terror, sums up my leveling experience very well.

There is also one distinct experience I remember vividly (and with great pride too). I was level something 40 and healing an instance.

*whoa stop there*
How does a Death Knight manage to heal intances, and at level 40 something???

Good question. The answer is, I was not always a Death Knight. In fact, I was not always a Dwarf either. But back when i was a healing, I was a Dwarf, and I was a priest. His name was Dreamweaver, and he was awsome.
I did not realise just how awsome I was before said instance. This is the story of when I decided to be a healer.

So back in the day, there was not any instant que for instances. You started asking in general chat when in a city. It usually took a long while for non-max instances. Oh the horror. Also, back then, only priests could heal and warriors could tank (so not much changed there, hurr hurr).

Anyways the Mage knew a level 50 something warrior, whom she lured into giving us a hand, and we where off to kill the ugly princess.

Oh and this was also before there was anything called dual-specc or "healing classes can solo sh*t" - So I was a shadow priest. And since there was no dual-speccing and changing your specc cost like 50.000 gold (at least in present game currency), I healed with a shadow-specc.

That was fine, because I had done it before, and managed to do that, just fine. We cleared the instance in a very smooth and quick run (only around 2 hours). And The tank commented on how rare it was to see holy priests specc in leveling instances.
"oh no" I replied. "I am shadowspecced"
"Yea right you are shadow and healing this great"
"I am, I swear" I said, and clicked shadow.
And he started swooning. For days I got /w from him telling me, that when I hit max level, I should totally call him, and he would get me in his guild.

I was flattered, but what I was not, was a fast leveler. (back then), so when I finally reach level 60, I had forgotten his name, and he mine.
Oh the adventures me and warrior could have had.

years later I discovered that being good (not great, I really was not that great a healer, but I was good) at something, does not equal having fun at something.
That was why I changed to my Death Knight. Where I am not as good a tank as I was a healer. But I am having way more fun.
Ask anyone in my raid group. When we kill something, I am the guy yelling the loudest on TS (or if its the groups second kill, I am the only one yelling on ts... Hello there Arthas. That was embarrassing)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

star wars (the original movies) in a whole new light

 I am one of those people who love the prequels. Sure jar-jar is annoying, but he serves his purpose. But other than that, the 3 prequels are a rollercoaster ride of thrilling action, murderous plots and an extremely gloomy ending to a series that has always been cheery-funtastically-happy-go-lucky.

The only thing that bothered me so damned much about them. where the canyon wide plot holes, when you see all 6 movies in a row.
From 3-4 it almost seems as if it is not the same series. For example the old guy in the death star that tells Vader something in the lines of "nobody believes in your ancient religion anymore" ... ancient? when he himself was a young man, that religion was the peace-keepers of the entire frikking universe.
Anyway I've finally found someone who was able to get it all to make sense.
And it places Chewbacca and R2D2 in much more important roles, than anyone of us could ever imagine.

Here is the link, I haven't been able to determine whether or not this is the original, but its the one I read.

Yes, I am aware this is a "read-this-cool-link" post. But it is not as if WoW has anything all that exciting going on atm.

As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet that they are way behind schedule on Cata. Beta has never been this unfinished before, when it was launched to be public. I think that they opened beta up, because they have no other 'content' to throw at people. And by the looks of it, I highly doubt we will see Cata before 2011, conveniently close to the launch of SW:tOR.
Blizzard have a long history of fucking over their competition like this. LotRO, WARhammer, Conan, its all just history repeating itself. More and more Blizzard is looking like a company who -on purpose- withholds content untill there is someone threatning their core audiences.
That is fine, but then they shouldn't give us that crap about how it's all about making great games, and these games are ready when they are ready. When in fact it is all about co**blocking other fun games, from us.

Bro's Don't C**kblock bro's, just ask Barney Stinson.

OH SNAP. The bro code is on youtube - Gotta say, that is one funny book. Best read this year. Read it with friends.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Abusing equal rights to up readership

Yea, this post is all about that Noisy rogue, who finally managed to make some noise.

Good for him, clearly the years in apprenticeship with the greedy goblin has payed off. It was not as if he had not tried before.

Throw out a line, hope someone with influence or readership grabs the bait and reel em in.
"Sorry, you are talking bullshit"
"Women are feminists and morons"
"social game, wow is not" (same topic as the greedy goblin uses).

Well finally he managed to find a hook: "That topic everyone is talking about is wrong".

And everyone fell for it. He went from 5 to 10 comments per post to over 100. That is a nice increase, especially considering the fact, that he did not really mean what he wrote.

Greedy Goblin has been doing this for years. Now the apprentice steps up.

The reason why I am so damn sure, that he did not mean that more 'female representation is a bad thing', is for two distinct facts: 1. when he got called out on it, he claims to have been misunderstood, and that people only latch on to one sentence and twist it to misrepresent him. Even I know a diversion, when I see one. When you do not have the arguments to support you, you attack the delivery.

2. His one stance is that since WoW is "high fantasy" it should not try and use modern day politics. That's fine, but if we use that arguement, then Adam should really be up on the fence on how under-represented women are. Because the only source material we have to use to define the gender issues in 'high fantasy', is Dungeons and Dragons. And it is stated over and over again in those books, that men and women are completely equal. They even have the same stats. Talk about fantasy!
In 'high fantasy' Men and women are equally smart, strong, fast and clever and so on and so forth. Yay fantasy land.
So that cannot be the 'high fantasy' Adam is reffering to. Maybe he is using the books of Tolkien as a reference point?
Well that does not make sense either, since Tolkien goes out of his way, in his books, to be a product of his time, when referring to gender roles.

So what are we left with? A blogger who wrote some gibberish in order to get noticed, and succeeded. So I guess it's grats on him.

Update: He now explains his views based on the fact that he is an anti-theist - in his opinion they are a belief system, that battles... ehm belief systems, at every chance they get. Because only with religious zealous can you combat... erhm... religion.

It is on purpose, that I've not linked to him, nor his masters blog.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tera: Why you play women in games, and how it should be done

Tera is going to be a HUGE success.
They have campfires that ensures that you will group up to kill stuff, and they know how to programme women for gamers!

Take a look at this vid

Skip to 0:28 and see how she runs!

Who doesn't like to look up at hot babes skirts all day long?

Then try and skip to 3:01 and look at that cuteypie try and be a big strong magic-wielder. Aww. Look at her do what all women do to get their way: wiggle erotically and lure the monsters in. And them run away when they get close.

Good thing we have game-developers like the ones behind Tera, to push games into more and more realism.

I'm so proud to be a guy today.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking a break from WoW is boring

You know all those people who quit the game, but keep posting about how great life is, and how all of you/us that keep playing the game, are loosers and needs to break the chains of addiction and get a FRIKKING LIFE?

You know those people? I'm not one of them.

I've been on sabbatical from wow for about a month now, and even though I enjoyed replaying the two Knights of the old Republic games (they do crash a LOT in the new'er versions of windows though... Like a really really lot) and I've enjoyed playing star craft two, I am starting to miss WoW.

And that is weird. The game had nothing of interest to me. Dungeons or raids? Nothing. Sure we could clear ICC on alts, but really, I was getting sick of that place. I hardly didnt even log on for the last 3 weeks of my sub. Yet, I miss the people, I miss my guildies, I miss the atmosphere I miss... Well I honestly miss playing in Vanilla.

I think that is the reason I am looking so much forward to Cataclysm (and SWTOR), it is a chance to start a new. It is an opportunity to be amazed by a game. When it is not just a boring grind for the a trillion badges for the next armorset for a raid-dungeon you have already cleared 27 times. When the bosses are fresh, the loot is fun, the raid-strats are new, the quests are not a bore and even something like grinding rep... somehow... seems fun.

Then again, for my horde lock, most of this holds true for wrath, and I still cannot be bothered to log in on her.

And last weekend I did NOTHING. I watched movies, some tv, read a little in a book, had a little nap, considered mowing the lawn, but ended up doing nothing.
I think that was the first time in 5 years I had a weekend where I did'nt do anything, nor had anything planned. And I must admit that I loved every second of it.

Maybe I need a couple more of those before I am ready for Cataclysm. Good thing its still 5 months away.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Sith are the good guys, and why swtor will have incredible roleplaying opportunities

An alternative title could be: How Bioware can completely and utterly fuck up everything that could make this game so great.

- "This game" Being Star wars the old republic, or swtor amongst friends.

What is it then, that I am talking about? It is, of course, the filosophy behind the -so called- dark side. And why The Jedi order are the bane of everything good in the universe.

Confused? well you should be... Possibly.

Allow me to start by explaining why I think that Dark side of the Force is really the good guys. And why I very much fear that Bioware may just not "get it", and if they do not, how I just may be forced to play the bad guys... The Jedi, that is.

Allright, now i'm confusing myself. Let's talk about why and how the Sith are the cure to the disease known as Jedi.

"If you seek to aid everyone that suffers in the galaxy, you will only weaken yourself … and weaken them. It is the internal struggles, when fought and won on their own, that yield the strongest rewards… If you care for others, then dispense with pity and sacrifice and recognize the value in letting them fight their own battles."

The dark side, ensures that the old saying of: 'give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach him *how* to fish, and he can eat every day' - holds true in the universe. Where the Jedi constantly craves and ensures that all beings in the universe become dependant on them, the Sith ensures that all they meet in the worlds become strong enough to fend for themselves.

Where the Jedi teach their students to fear emotions and never be swayed by personal feelings - to be cold and distant to the world, the Sith teaches us to use our emotions to control the Force to our means. The Jedi think that the force is a all knowing all seeing justifier and all mighty ruler of the galaxy. We know that the force is merely a tool to be used to our means.
They fear power, because they are the only ones who want to have any power. We embrace the search for power, because we want everyone to have their own power. To fuel that power with emotions, makes sure that the power you have are used for good. Fighting for the ones you love, or against those you hate will always ensure that you are on the right path.
The only ones the pesky Jedi scum fight, are those that would challenge the power they crave for themselves.

Why would you cheer for the Jedi slime? Why would you fall for their rotten gifts of day old fish? Join the dark side, We will teach you to fish for yourself and not be the lap-dogs of self-righteous-holier-than-thou-asshats!

Is there really any choice? Is it no obvious which path is the right one to follow?

Why I fear that Bioware will screw up on making this game great.
If it was not obvious to everyone at the end of the above, then that was my attempt to show how and why the dark side (if done right), could have a moral high-ground. Or at the very least *FEEL* that they have one, against the Jedi.
That would make the conflict, not so much be about good versus bad, but a philosophical one of using the force or being used by the force. Where the Jedi pray that the force is with them, and try and listen to what the force have to tell them, the Sith could be the ones who bends the force to follow them.
That would make for an interesting game-conflict.
Unfortunetely for my hopes, you really have to read a LOT of stuff into the previous Old Republic game(s), in order to see this interpritation of the force.
Instead you see the boring old
I am a bad guy, so I will betray everyone, even if it has no meaning whatso'ever in my attempts to reach my goals, i'm the bad guy, so i will do bad things.
I am the janitor/cleaning lady/grunt/general/lawyer/warrior of the Sith and I will spit on you and be an complete asshole in every way, because I am bad and you are good... or you may be bad, but I don't care!!

Every single Sith you meet in those games (i've only played through the first one again recently... so if anyone remembers otherwise please enlighten me), are cartoon villain evul. Everyone.
How can you build up a society that rivals the Empire, with that attitude from everyone? Betrayal, just for the sake of it? scheming and plotting against everyone.
Imagine the builders of one of the space-ships in that universe: He will install faults in the main-line, that will cause the ship to explode on the first attempt at lightspeed. He will then go home, and have dinner, but be poisoned by his wife since her plot was to get impregnated by a distant cousin to darth malaaalalala and then inherent his worksman pension.

They wouldn't get anything done. It is stupid and silly to assume that they all act like this, yet, in former bioware games, this is how the Sith work. Just like the Dark choices your character has to make: Burn an orphin or kick a puppy or go do your mission. You have to go out of your way and be evil in order to get dark side points. There is NO allure of the dark side, there is no point in getting dark side points, other than wanting to roleplay a baddie.

If this is the path the chose to go down in swtor, then I just might have to end up rolling a Jedi, since all of a sudden those emotional-blackmailing good for nothing force-worshippers, might be my only hope at playing a normal guy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fairly disappointed in Cata CE

So today the Collectors edition of Cataclysm was launched.

So what does it bring with it for 3 times the cost?
1 behind the scenes DVD
1 Booklet with lots of pictures
1 album with songs
an ingame pet (little mr Jaws)
some cards from the WoW cardgame
and a mousepad

So... every single item that TBC and wrath CE had. Same things. How many mousepads does one gamer need?
I even think that the Wrath CE had a map too. This one, not so much.
Thank you so very much for phoning it in guys.

I bought the CE edition for Starcraft 2. I am very happy I did. I am almost through the single player campaign and I very much doubt that I'll be playing much multiplayer, yet I am so happy I bought this SE.

The package was imba cool. Like really awsome. The cata: does not look to be more than a box.
And it has all the other things that the Cata box have (including special stuff in game, and special pet for WoW too...)
and most importantly: I got a extremely cool USB stick with the first game on it.
And its frikking heavy. and the orange part lights up when you plug it in.

Now *that* is a CE version I can understand paying extra for. But for the flagship, for WoW for the big Cataclysm one.
The above is all they will offer. Meh

Friday, August 13, 2010

picking my winner!

I had an amazingly incredible super competition with MASSIVE prizes

that then fell very much to the ground when I found out that the prizes where not even possible to give out (unless I gave the whole game away, and FU very much if you thought i'd do that...)

Anyways lots of good ideas where thrown my way (incl one for worgenfreeman)

but my favorite one, came from Tesh:

Tesh has left a new comment on your post "Name that worgen!! There will be MASSIVE PRIZES": 

Aragh or Aargh. Nothing like a HUGE English Wolf to brighten your literary day. 

Aint that the thuth?

Other suggestions included: Negrow, Combining one of my old names with lykos (dreamlykos? Lykosdux??) Wherepants or 'notashotasissy'

So far I am loving the Aargh (or a variation therefrom) since it just sounds right for a rageunit with a worgen race combo thingie. It 'sounds' right.

And just to show that I am even worse than anyone of you, at making up a name, my placeholder was:


thank you everyone who chiped in, at least from my end, it was a lot of fun. The name isn't set in stone though, there is still 6 months untill Cata is released, and thus plenty of time for me to change my mind.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why I won't play a gurl

In my last post (remember the competition is still a going!!) Issy wrote a comment suggesting I went and rolled a female worgen, and named it "Notashotasissy".

While that would surely not be an untrue name, (Since anyone who has not killed the Lich King, must have a life and therefore be 'hot' - I kid, I kid) I wont be rolling a female worgen for several reasons. Hold on tight females, this is a difficult discussion incoming!

1. No female alt will ever top Starshred in pure hotness (at least not alliance, see above) so there is no point in rolling one.

2. Have you seen female plate in wow? No way that can take a blow from big baddies

3. Women are weak!

yes they are.  You are also brainzizable smaller. Hello! Einstein was a man, you are women. Name one smart scientist that was a woman! Even the bibles says it.

My point is; women gamers will never be taken seriously as tanks, and neither will women toons. If you show up as a female toon and pretend to know how to tank, you will be laughed at. Unless you play the role of "oh gosh I just don't know how to tank anything, hope you will all bare with me, lol *smile*" and I've played that role more than enough when I was a healer in a sissy robe!

The only reason to play a female toon, is to have a hot piece of ass to look at all day, and honestly if I wanted to do that, there are websites for that sort of thing.

So Issy; that is why i'll be rolling a male toon. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Name that worgen!! There will be MASSIVE PRIZES

Okay, so like I made clear a couple of posts ago I'll be playing a worgen protection warrior (alt, don't freak DK fans) when Cataclysm hits.
Question is, what should I name him?

To me, my former alts names, do spell a trend:
A healing priest called Dreamweaver
A drunken pally called Duffler
A reanimated Dwarf Deathknight named Redux
A dwarf hunter named Leadbelly (and a dog named raindog)

A worgen male warrior named...

Names must be something I can live with for more than a day (worgenfreeman is out), but that doesn't mean that weird twisted jokes aren't allowed.

Now about prizes. I am assuming that readers are playing wow too. And since I will be investing in something something, and felt that well... Its only money and I get a usb drive that sounds cool.

EDIT: It seems that you cannot win anything :(    Sorry, As far as I'm told the pet will be locked to the games account after all.

You can win this:

That's right the Thor mini pet!!1



I've not really done any research on this, so I am not 100% sure that I can even give it away, since the game itself will be locked into my account. This is really a spur of the moment thing.

Deadline is friday morning european standard time at 8.00 am.
Thats around when my sub expires, and I want to get the name secured :)

note: I am kindda curious how this will even work out. My main hope is that some of my lurkers will be lured into posting :)

...If -for some really cool reason- you do not want others to see your ideas (maybe you are going of a tangent and don't want others to copy you.) you can mail me too:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't mess with dorfs, or they'll punch ya!

Theldurin (the Lost), has always been a proud member of the Dwarven race. When he discovered something was going wrong with them Twillight cult fans (most have been team Jacob kids), he spoiled their plans and went into hiding.
Even when that Deathwing guy came to bother him, he made sure that he wasn't bothered by anyone!


He punched that dragon in the face!

Edit: Me and blogger and youtube will be busy for a while, caught in a 3 man deathmatch to get the imbedded to work.
For now, follow link:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Why space-combat in SWTOR scares me

No. It is not because I am afraid of flying.

Recently (comicon in San Diego) Bioware let it slip that SWTOR (star wars the old republic) would have your personalized spaceships (your portable homes) used in space-combat.

At first, I was like: "wooo!!!"
Then I was like: "whooooooo"
Then I was like: "woo?!!"
Then I was like: "wait.."
Then I was like: "dude, wait what?"
Then I remembered *that game*. Star trek online.  The game that came out in what I call 'super-open-beta-so-everyone-can-try-before-they-buy'. And failed.
I really wanted to love it. I really really did. I tried and I tried and I tried. But ultimatly it failed because it had space-combat.
Now, don't get me wrong, I loved the space-combat part. It was just to simplistic. It was like flame-leviathan in Ulduar, but for half the game. And since you had space-combat fill up half the combat system, they had the space-shooter combat dumbed down too.
So instead of some interesting character combat mechanics, like the ones that wow is getting, and WARhammer and Lord of the rings have. All players, that played Star Trek got, was two systems that where dumbed down and made as non-unique as possible.

Blizzard always had a great gaming philosophy: Easy to learn, difficult to masterBut the thinking - at least how I saw it- from Cryptic in Star Trek, seemed to be: 'we will have two different combat systems, that is hard enough for the dumb masses to cope with.' And so you got two boring combat systems.

Hopefully, this won't happen for Bioware, but for a game developer that does not have a great track record for balancing combat systems (don't play a healing char in dragon age? good luck then!), they will now have TWO combat systems to balance out.

Blizzard is having a hard time just balancing out their one combat system. Ask any PVP'er.

Hopefully Bioware, will be well aware (pure poetry) of these issues, but the past does scare me a bit. Both in regards to predecessor and biowares own history of balance.