Monday, April 22, 2013

How the most adorable wow-icons, made me sad

So i stumbled upon
Disciplinary actions two posts (dunno how i'd ever missed em in the first place) on twitter-wow'icons or Twiwowcons as I call em... in my head, when all the voices only whisper to me... Ehh..

HERE are the Icons

And they are just adorable. And cute. And then I get to my class Icon.. which is. Ehh which one is it?
Oh Right, imma shaman now.


And well. Ehm
Please don't get me wrong. I really dig her (your avatar is a female nelf, so you are an her. Deal w'it... ALSO Night elf priests? Please. Dwarf priests are the only priests. I'll sponsor a race-change. Once you go shorty you'll never go a-courting.. for another race!)

Whats in a class
The thing about the shaman avatar is two things. one: totems... They don't really play that big a role anymore do they? So I guess the crying one is really fitting. But for me, I don't miss totems. AT ALL. The reason I didnt like shamans playstyle was partly due to those damn totems.
And well. maybe that is it. I just dont have all that much love for totems, so I am not connecting with the avatars.
Or maybe it's the class? I still have my viking LEGO as my avatar. Because once upon a time, it fitted really well with my dwarf death knight (whom the old blog was named after). Before that, I had a dwarf priest (you know... the *real* priest!!) And whenever I see images like this:

I am soooo there again. Love that priest. Look at him! Whats not TO love??
But when I see dwarf Shaman pictures... I just wish that dwarf druid would shapeshift!

I don't mean any disrespect to any shamen out there. I just don't yet *get* shaman as a concept. Where do they differ from druids? apart from the shapeshifting? I've read most of the warcraft books, and I've never really understood how those books' (the shattering comes to mind) shaman- the earth spirit controllers- translate into the shaman of the game.

On top of that (or perhaps because of this) I just cannot see myself as a shaman. I was a librarian who turned into a dwarven priest at night. Later I was a librarian who turned into a dwarf Death knight. And lately I was turned into a beer loving monk dwarf.
The Shaman. Not so much. yet.

I love playing the class in game. I just hope that I'll learn to embrace the class too. For now. The cute and fantastic class Icons, made me realise that I am an class-main-less wow-player. And that made me sad.

Friday, April 19, 2013

How Mistweaver healing could be improved

I've written at (some) length about why I've stopped healing on my monk

Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt1) &
Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt2) The mechanics

I'll give the extremely short short: Fistweaving has since those two posts gone as a serious healing alternative. I can't decide if parts of it is still viable to use. But personally Im so glad it's gone. But the core of those posts remain; for tank healing and dungeon healing Monks work great. It's fun it's different and there is a lot of interesting challenges to be had. (if only mana wasn't so much work).
But for AE healing (especcially in 25 manned raids) Monks just suck. You need to build up Renwing mist (on an 8 sec cooldown) on as many raid members as possible, because Uplift on heal those with Renewing mist on them. And when you get to generate Chi in AE situations.. well you have to do a lot of single target healing. And that feels clunky, weird and silly.


I've decided to spitball a lot of ideas (well *some* ideas) which I think would make monk healing work. I dunno if they have been made before, or if it rips of other classes abilities. And I don't care. Monks need better AE capabilities.

Without further Adeuoii:

Idea A
Make uplift heal without requiring Renewing mist on the target. Maybe for a lot less, and then have it give a significant bonus to players with mist on em. Just give me something to push that heals AE without a mandatory 36 second warmup

Idea 2
Chi-building AE ability "puddle of water" or "floating mist" for example? heals for x, prolongs Renewing mist and has chance to build 1 chi on healing (with a limit of 1 per 5 seconds)

Idea X
Give Jade statue  more of a reason to exist. Give it a pulsing heal that heals for more, the closer you are to it, have it be channelled and give chi, so I dont have to single target channel to build chi?

Idea Delta
"get the raid drunk" Some sort of weak staggering ability on raid.

Honestly I'm pretty proud of these. I think each (or more) could prove fun, intersting and workable.

For now, My monk is enjoying some well-deserved beer and waiting for better times, while I level my Shaman for raiding.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Changes -turn and facing the strange

I have given up.
I do not like the way Monk healing work. At least not currently. I stuck with Death Knights in wrath, through some horrible and awkward iterations. But no more.

I Still enjoy the Windwalker, and I am thinking of giving Brewmaster a try out. Only thing is, I adore my Death knights Blood, and I cannot see myself using two tanks.

As I've covered earlier, None of my healing able alts covered what I wanted: fun healing and soloable in a way I enjoy.
So I dug deep and found McDreamy. The long lost Shaman. I left him in TBC (as I recall) at 40'ish. tried him again in Cata and got him to 60, and now I've dug him up again.
I love the responsiveness of how healing works (although i miss an "oh-shit" healing cooldown.)

Plus Enhancement is fun.. enough. I am at level 70 atm, and it seems to get better the more I play it.

I've LFR'ed all parts of the Throne of Thunder, just to see em. And the fights are fun, but nothing more than that.

Turning down a notch 
My goal this spring is to gear up my shaman, and do the LFR's on him, and then pretty much only that. I want to have fun in game, and I think my fun will be higher if I don't get into the whole "must do this every day" routine, and instead just play whenever I want to or whenever Mrs DW doesn't want to watch a movie.

My goal is to have a geared healer and dps to step in and help the guild out if they are short raiders, but apart from that it's pet battles and lfr's only for me.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Legendarily to me

This post is sparked on the background of this interesting post on wow.joystiq's site

It asks the qustion of what Legendaires meant in wow to the developers, what they mean now and asks us, what legenderies mean to us.

Also I think i'll try and see how many ways I can misspell Leganderies in this post.

I have never owned a legendary. 
This is despite me having played wow since it's early European Launch. I've always been very happy with the decicions in guild to award those awarded with the.. ehh awards. Because every time it has been people more deserving than me.
...Perhaps with the exception of wrath... But in wrath i only felt deserving it due to my efforts in our 10 manned group and... well in wrath Legendiearies where reserved for 25 manned only.

But dammit, Im level 90 now. So my two mains (Monk and Death knight - because I cannot stand to solo on my paladin, and thusly he is useless as a tank, see last posts) will get the Legendary items at the end of Pandaria, because i won't level anymore toons (maybe one horde for the achie) and only focus on them two and their dailies and pet battles.

And I will get my death knight dekked out and into old content.
THATS RIGHT Redux will get his Shadowmourne!! I've been looking for guides and Much0dinaros has a short short guide on how to

It'll take time, but time i have.

Also I started the quest back in wrath, but I cannot for the life of me remember how long I am in the chain.
Atm I am not near a pc with wow access, but I am pretty sure I am at a point... No nope, have no clue. Exciting days ahead!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt2) The mechanics

Let me preface this post with a couple of things, three to be excact:

1. I think pandaria is one of the best expansions in wow. At all.
2. I've played Death knights since semi-early beta (wow invitational was the first time i played) so I know the plight of new classes and how much they can change during an expansion (but Blizz should maybe have learned a lot from DK's too?)
3. This is also a shout out to other mistweavers out there: if you've seen things here I am missing, please please reply to the post. I want to love Mistweavers, help me understand em.

Part one summarized:

- I cannot pick and play, Pandaria (imo) is build up around players chosing one main they love for every aspect of the game. You cannot love tanking on your paladin but hate Retribution, or you will lose out. 
- I love Monks, from a lore prespective and from a play perspective. I really like windwalking.
- I love healing, I had a long period where I spend my days tanking. I do not have the time and effort it takes (for me at least) to tank on any higher level than heroics. So I have instead chosen to return to healing. 
- I do not think that anyone really has the formula on how Mistweaver healing is 'supposed' to work/play out. I will explain this point more in the following.

What I see wrong with Mistweaver mechanics

In short I think that the biggest problem mistweaving has, is mana-regen and the fact that a lot of the early concepts for Monks have survived without having any of their uses follow. For example it seems to me that many of the uses tied together with the original concept of having monks being the first class to heal with energy. 
But let me elaborate. 

Single-target, versus multiple target (dungeon) versus plethora target (raid) - healing

Easy one first: Single target (and two target) healing is GREAT. It is logical, it feels natural. it works. 
for low damage, you keep channeling soothing mist running OR you fistweave (Fistweaving is an artform of it's own, and one that..  it consists of you keeping two buffs up by using Jab and Blackout kick - so you will be in melee) and then just autoattack via your statue to heal.)
For med damage, you add enveloping mist
For high damage you add  Surging mist as needed and keep renewing mists on for good measure
This feels fluid, and fun and interesting (also different to other healing classes), this is class design at its very best. I just adore this. And this is problably why I have not ditched monk healing all together. There is potential here. 
It is also doable (depending on proccs for chi generation) to keep Enveloping mist going on two tanks while switching soothing mist on em. (mostly via semi-frequent use of Surging mist)

Now, for raid healing, that is an entirely different beast
Your aoe spells are two-fold (at least initially) you have renewing mists and uplift - you heal by casting renewing mists as often as possible, and then add uplift for that added Oomph. Easy right? Well...
In order to be effective you need (note; talking 25 man raiding here) to cast two renewing mists (on an 8 sec cooldown) then add thunder tea  and recast it once or twice before uplift can be at it's most effective. Thats roughly 35++ seconds...
So you really need to be in one of two positions: either have sustained long-term raidwide damage or know well well in advance when raid damage is incoming.
Lets look at holy priests in comparison (from Icy veins)
High sustained damage
That is a very more direct and immidiate form of healing.
I am comparing (very unfairly i know) priests and monks because a) i know how priest healing works and b) personally for me, priest is my healing alternative.

In my experience Monks are a lot less responsive to sudden raid-damage, and to top this of have weaker aoe healing even when used 'correctly'.

Also note that in order to gain enough chi to do uplift, you either have to keep your fistweaving going (aka a whole different playstyle on top of the aoe, all the movement and rotation that rogues have PLUS the healing part of mistweaving aoe for the same (at best) healing as a holy priest, OR you need to singletarget heal on top of your rotation with soothing and surging mist in order to rack those Chi's for uplift up.

And all of this does not even count in the fact that our mana-regen *appears* weaker and takes a lot longer to use via our Mana tea (channelled spell) and between this and shadowfiend, I know which one i'd prefer.
Again priests seems to get the same out of way less effort.
I am very aware that this might all be a case of the grass being greener. It might be me being an old priest healer and old habits dying hard, but i think it is more likely that monk Mistweaver just isn't 'finished' yet. Just like DKs where not when all three speccs where supposed to be able to both tank and dps. Or later when you had to use frost stance to tank and blood to pew.
Ahh memories...

Aaanyway, I think there is a clearing on the horizon. Last night i helped out on some attempts on Garalon heroic, and with the steady raidwide damage, I think I saw some point to mistweavers. There are still way too many things to do, and it is still not very clear to me, which way is the best. should i try and follow melee around and try to play two classes at once for the output of one? Or stick to range and not fistweave at all? Is fistweaving meant to be a "do this when you overgear instances to heal" or as an integral support for healing?
So far I am running oom way to fast, If I try and keep fistweaving up. Maybe I am only supposed to keep my two debufs up and running and then let my melee+jab handle some aoe healing+chi building, while I spend my casts on renewing+uplift? I think that may be the idea, but it isn't clear.
And what is crackling jade lightning for then? Then again, mistweavers aren't the only class with way too many buttons to press - So maybe i'll just have to live with that.

So far for me at least, a player who is no longer raiding regularly, it is too much of a job to both learn the melee's movement cycles (in most fights) AND on top of that learn the healing flow of an encounter. Perhaps if I where raiding every raidnight, and where in control of all the aspects of the encounters, I'd have a better time.
But I cannot help but feel that the added work involved in being all that I can be as a mistweaver, is too much work for too little result.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt1)

As a matter of fact, I am starting to doubt whether mistweaver (healing specc for outsiders) is really for anybody.

Thing is as a class the Monk has a lot going for it. I love love love how Windwalkers mechanics work. It makes my former favorite melee, Rogue, seem dull.
But I am having a lot of issues with how Mistweaver works. Especially since in my eyes nobody seems to have a clear notion on how Mistweavers mechanics are supposed to play out.

And worst of all, this also ties in with what I think is Wow's biggest problem these days is.

in short

I have alts. I love my alts. I love tanking on my Paladin, I love healing on my priest and I am having a blast soloing on my rogue, and my monk and warrior and to some extend my lock. 
Problem is, there are no overlapping classes. I do not enjoy soloing/dps'ing on neither my pala nor my priest. And the way wow works now, that is a major problem. because you HAVE to select one class you love doing group content with, doing dailies on, doing pet battles and level professions on. And I do not have one class I enjoy every aspect of the game on. 

In depth

You can't share pet-trinkets, you cannot share coins, rep rewards most professions can't be used for much unless you get to max level and grind reputation (leatherworking and tailoring, I am looking at you). 
So my paladin has pretty much everything a dungeon tank can get without spending all day hunting for the rare drops, or having had reputations grinded out so I can spend my JP.
My priest is stuck on 86 untill I can bother to a) do a billion dungeons, because the xp arent all that good there any longer, or b) get bored enough to specc shadow and *force* myself to solo to 90 so I can heal which I think is fun on a priest. 
I will later get into why I think that the Mistweaving monk has a lot of issues, but suffice to say, I am not having all that much fun healing on him because - IMO - there are too many good ideas on how mistweavers could work (a LOT of things that seemed to have survived from when they where supposed to be a melee healing class with energy) and those ideas trip eachother up, so it becames very confusing to get how they are supposed to be played to get the most out of them.
Getting anywhere on my paladin is on pause untill I play ret on him and do dailies. And i don't like playing ret. It is a playstyle that just isn't for me. 
So my problem is that I do not have that one main I enjoy ALL the things on, and the way wow is set up now, I am worse of for it. I am (or at least feel I am) being punished for this. 
If I had one main that I loved doing everything on, i'd have it a lot easier. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

From #secretsanta with love

So @discopriest ran a secretsanta thing on twitter. Loads of hard loving work went into that, and I want to share what I got... and also apologise to whomever... NO not apologise, I got a great gift - I just, ehm. Ill explain in depth later. First

WHOA to my secret santa. You really made Christmas very christmassy. Hope you get to read this and know how happy I was.
First pictures!

A package arrives (back)

A package arrives (front)

The silver  writing says "secret santa" (if its unclear)

Not shown: a custom burned album of xmas songs and two lovely pieces of chocolate

Have not read em yet. Fraid  that the book on the right would turn me into even more of a "well actually..." type of person, and MRs DWism would not want that :)

Needless to say, I was blown away by this. There where little smilelies and neat packaging on everything. Love of detail, clearly is love.
The album was filled with xmas  'themed' songs, and where very British'ish. This is meant in the most positive way, when I was younger I spend a year working in a small town west of Reading, and xmas in the UK is in my mind a magical and fantastic thing to experience. Now, how my Secret Santa knew this.... I'll never know. Maybe im reading too much into the album, but it really hit a nerve. Just an amazing gift.

Getting that gift, and especially unwrapping it, really made a great experience, and a fun evening.
And it also gave me a realization: before getting this gift, I was very much of the persuasion that it was the thought that counted. As long as the gift  where well thoughtout it could cost 50p or be wrapped in a newspaper and it would still be great.
I've since learned that getting great gifts is a lot easier if you spend on it - but that is beside the point here.
Only after unwrapping this gift, did I truly apriciate a gift greatly wrapped.
Dont get me wrong, I think that my secret Santa did a great job with the gifts too, it's just that from now on, I will take great care to wrap my presents in lovingly too. Thank you secret santa.
The wrapping really made this the best present I think I've had in years. Ehm, that and the drawing my 1.5 year old made. pretty. pretty pretty pretty drawing.

To my secret santa'ee
So to the secret guy out there getting a present from me.. I'm sorry.
I really did put hours and hours into searching the internet for the appropriate - yet fitting, gift. Only thing is, after I found it, I saw that they had it on amazon. So I ordered it there, and had them wrap it and mail it.

It was an easy way of handeling it, and I hope that the content made it up for it. (two books... but from the profile I think they will make for great reads, I am an effing Librarian, its a work hazard thing.)
I just did not know how much wrapping can do for a gift. I know better now.

Hope you all had a great xmas.